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25 Nov 2014 - Long-term Nursing Care - Domestic

On 3 November 2014, as part of the project "Improvement of health care of the elderly, dependent and chronically ill people from Żary and Lubsko and the rest of the southern area of the Lubuskie province" was the start of the Nursing Long-term Domestic Care.
It includes educating and instructing the family and carers in the scope of:
  • nursing a chronically ill and dependant person,
  • washing activities,
  • change of underwear and bed linen,
  • administration of drugs,
  • change of dressings,
  • bedsore prevention,
  • handling the catheter,
  • measurement of basic life parameters,
  • selection of proper diet and feeding techniques,
  • improving the patient (teaching passive exercise and movement)
  • breathing exercises,
  • assistance in selecting and acquiring proper auxiliary equipment facilitating movement and teaching how to use it,
  • preparation to self-care and self-nursing in illness and disability.
Within the cycle we offer 8 free-of-charge one-hour nurse visits in the patient's home.
Qualification to be subject to care is a referral issued by a doctor - referral slip can be downloaded from the website.
Full information can be obtained in the consultation point in Lubsk at 2 Poznańska st. or by calling 533 309 890.