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27 Mar 2015 - Free of charge trainings for family members and carers of the elderly, chronically ill and disabled

Szpital Na Wyspie Sp. z o. o. in Żary invites you to participate in
for family members and carers of the elderly, chronically ill and disabled 
organized as part of the executed project "Improvement of health care of the elderly, dependent and chronically ill people from Żary and Lubsk and the rest of the southern area of the Lubuskie province".
The trainings are addressed to carers and family members, who found themselves in situations of having to take care of a chronically ill person or might in the future.
The training topics will allow to get familiar with problems that one faces in everyday care and nursing of chronically ill, ways of solving them and support possibilities provided by the health care and the social welfare system.
I. Specificity of the ageing process
  1. Physiology of the organism ageing process (distinct features of particular systems)
  2. Ageing as a psychological process (attitude towards ageing, diseases)
  3. Physical activity of the elderly
  • Żary – 11 Apr 2015, 12 Sep 2015, 26 Sept 2015
  • Lubsko - 18 Apr 2015
II. Neurological disorders of old age
  1. Dementia - types, differentiation, risk factors
  2. Neurological diseases of old age - stroke, Parkinson's disease
  3. Memory training as a permanent element of everyday care
  • Żary - 25 Apr 2015, 10 Oct 2015, 24 Oct 2015
  • Lubsko - 9 May 2015 
III. Organizing care of a chronically ill person
  1. Forms of long-term care
  2. Nursing and care services carried out in the patient's home
  3. Role of rehabilitation in the course of chronic diseases
  • Żary - 16 May 2015, 7 Nov 2015, 21 Nov 2015
  • Lubsko - 23 May 2015
IV. Prevention and course of diseases of the elderly
  1. Walking disorders and falls of the elderly
  2. Sleep disorders and old age diabetes
  3. Nursing people with chronic diseases
  4. Preventing falls and incontinence rehabilitation
  • Żary - 30 May 2015, 28 Nov 2015, 05 Dec 2015
  • Lubsko - 6 Jun 2015
The training will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Żary: The Lusatian Academy of Humanities named after Jan Benedykt Solfa 11 9th of May St.
  • Lubsko: Secondary School Complex 10 Chopin St.
The training participant will receive:
  • educational materials (notebook, pen, a guidebook regarding the care of chronically ill and an instructional DVD)
  • refreshments

Registration through an application form available at www.szpitalnawyspie.pl or in the office of the hospital in Żary 2 Pszenna St. and in Lubsko 2 Poznańska St.
For more information call: 68 47 57 600 or 68 47 57 713 or 533 309 860